The Craft Lover's Success Guide

Simple Ways to Nurture Your Creativity and Actually Finish Your Projects

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Simple Craft Projects to Get You Started

Craft Ebook PhotoLove to do crafts, but don’t have time?  Too disorganized?  Trouble finishing craft projects?

If you love making craft projects, but can’t seem to find time, find your craft supplies, find your budget, or find your way to crafty fulfillment, then this craft ebook is perfect for youThe Craft Lover’s Success Guide:  Simple Ways to Nurture Your Creativity and Actually Finish Your Projects.

Crafting is fun! 
It’s satisfying, nurturing, interactive, and stress relieving.  Except when it’s not!

Many crafters experience common challenges when making craft projects.  Do any of these sound like you?
  • Not enough time to make crafts
  • Craft supplies too disorganized
  • Not enough storage for crafts
  • Small budget for craft supplies
  • Lack of crafting skills
  • Unfinished craft projects

Author Melody Jones, lifetime crafter and school-of-crafty-hard-knocks graduate, faced all these crafting challenges and more.  She was disorganized, couldn’t find the craft supplies she was looking for, and often didn’t finish her craft projects because she thought she did not have time.  She was a sad and unfulfilled crafter.

But now Melody is a happy crafter! (Hey, that would make a great bumper sticker).

She has written a guide for crafters everywhere that just need a little push, a little oomph, and a little know-how to get to Crafting Nirvana.  Crafts Heaven.  Crafting Success.

The Craft Lover’s Success Guide outlines simple ways to get from sad crafty to happy crafty.  You will learn:

♥  How to get organized 10 minutes at a time
♥  How to stay organized even if “pack rat” is your middle name
♥  Where to find craft ideas and inspiration (hint: you can be your own inspiration)
♥  How to craft on a budget by shopping in and around your own home
♥  How to pick a craft project book that is truly useful by using eight specific factors
♥  What “real world” crafters do to overcome these crafting challenges

Here’s what readers are saying about The Craft Lover’s Success Guide:  Simple Ways to Nurture Your Creativity and Actually Finish Your Projects.

“Wow!  Great guide for those of us looking to add more creative pursuits to our busy lives, all done with a sense of humor and in an encouraging manner.  This book makes it easier to stop procrastinating, get organized and CREATE!  Easy to follow steps for getting more out of our creative juices and the resources and hints are just amazing!”
                            Cindy W., 49, Interior Designer

“I love this easy-to-read book!  Right off the bat, the author admits she is a pack rat and lacks organization.  She realizes crafting is therapeutic for her and sets forth finding a way to incorporate and set aside time to release her crafty soul so that it enhances her life rather than feeling overwhelmed by it.

Informative and inspiring, the guide helps break down the mountain-like feeling of “Where to begin…” into a simple-to-follow guide that can be referred to time and again.  Whether you read it from start to finish or mark some pages you especially find helpful, it is a wonderful quick-reference guide to have on hand.  

I especially love the Reader Action Pages.  It is proven if you write something down you will more likely follow through with it.  The author’s own personal examples are helpful to get you started.

Jones has clearly done her homework with the multitude of references throughout, from online sites to magazines and books that can be of help.  

If you are feeling it is time to get serious about making crafting a part of your life, follow this guide…TRULY follow it, including putting thought into what the author is saying and writing on the Reader Action Pages and you will benefit from it.  

Follow this guide once, and it will become habit!”                        
                            Mandy, 39, Cards and Paper Crafts

“Here’s what I love about this book:

 Jones has created a short and snappy guide for crafters of all levels.  She clearly knows her “craft(s)” and does an exquisite job of explaining the steps for logical organization.  I love that she empowers her readers, not only in her words, but also through her content.  This book is packed full of wonderful tips, suggestions, resources and guidelines to help any crafter succeed.  I will certainly be recommending this quick and easy resource to my crafting friends.  

And one final personal note.  The organizing tips in this guide are so great that one could carry through by incorporating these techniques into their everyday life.  Just think about it: who wouldn’t want to take a few minutes to organize that one drawer that’s been causing months of grief?  After all, won’t that free up more time for crafting and creativity?” 
                                                                                                                                           Patty, 40, Painting, Photography and Beading

Tired of not having enough time for crafts or feeling disorganized, but LOVE to make crafts?  Are you a scrapbooker, knitter, card maker, jewelry maker, paper crafter, mixed media artist, polymer clay lover, doll crafter, quilter, or a general crafter who loves a little bit of a lot of different crafts?

This craft ebook will help you: The Craft Lover’s Success Guide:  Simple Ways to Nurture Your Creativity and Actually Finish Your Projects.

But wait, there’s more!  (Melody always wanted to say that – remember those old late night commercials?)

When you buy The Craft Lover’s Success Guide, you also receive a free bonus ebook entitled Simple Craft Projects to Get You Started.
Craft Ebook Photo
Your free bonus ebook is designed to be the next step to crafting success: actually completing a craft project.  The craft projects presented are easy, can be completed in an hour or two, and are just what you need to get moving to crafting fulfillment.

Crafting success is yours for only $ 9.99! 

Buy The Craft Lover’s Success Guide:  Simple Ways to Nurture Your Creativity and Actually Finish Your Projects and get your free bonus craft ebook Simple Craft Projects to Get You Started.

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